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For over 20 years, Nielsen CMV has surveyed consumers across Australia capturing an array of insights that help clients tackle marketing and media challenges. Whether you’re involved in the planning, buying or selling of advertising, or responsible for brand strategy, Nielsen CMV insights give you the power to create effective marketing strategies and, ultimately, achieve your business and marketing goals.

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By understanding the bigger national picture, you can identify and evaluate opportunities across markets. Measuring 22,000 consumers annually, CMV provides detailed insights into the media habits of Australian audiences. Monetise your assets, provide reach & engagement strategies. Create effective channel planning and strategic insights. Gain deeper knowledge of your audience by profiling or segmenting them on their demographics, lifestyles, activities, attitudes and media consumption patterns.

CMV includes vital advertising categories such as automotive, shopping, technology, banking, insurance, telecommunications, fast food, FMCG, and more. This means you can develop your media plan based on accurate data and with real insights into target market behaviour and attitudes.

Consumer & Media View (CMV) is a source of information that supports practical actions. It’s more than just a database.

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emma is powered by global research experts Ipsos and Nielsen. It is independently audited by Environmetrics and was designed with the input of the Media Federation of Australia.

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