Readership measures

  1. Average issue readership for newspapers
  2. Average day of week readership for newspapers
  3. Average issue readership for magazines
  4. Reach and frequency data
  5. Cross-platform audience for major newspapers and magazines
  6. Newspaper inserted magazines (NIMs)
  7. Newspaper branded sectional readership

emma is Australia’s cross-platform audience insights metric built for the digital age, and is a truly comprehensive and accurate audience insights survey.

Respondents engage with emma every day of the week, which results in more accurate recall of how, when and where they have read print and digital media.

Once recruited, emma respondents complete the survey online on a device agnostic platform. emma respondents are recruited and complete the survey 7 days a week giving the most accurate data available on Monday to Friday and Weekend readership of news media.

Online survey completion also permits the respondent to be presented with visuals of newspaper mastheads and the most recent three covers of magazines and newspaper inserted magazines. This inclusion ensures more accurate recall of readership.

Emma is unique in that it combines print audience currency with digital audience currency to deliver total audience measurement for news media mastheads. Accurate cross-platform readership estimates are created by fusing IAB accredited digital audience data (Nielsen’s Digital Ratings Monthly –DRM). Community and small regional titles are measured by a combination of survey and statistical modelling, making emma the most comprehensive source of Australian print readership and the only readership source for many smaller titles.

You can be confident emma delivers a truly representative sample, including hard to reach demographics.

Find out more on the methodology used to bring emma audience insights to you.