The methodology emma is based on ensures emma is a truly comprehensive and accurate audience insights survey.

Respondents engage with emma every day of the week, which results in more accurate recall of how, when and where they have read print and digital media.

Surveys are conducted throughout the year, across all age groups via online.

Monthly sample quotas and weighting of data according to government Audit Bureau Statistics (ABS) population data allows the survey results to be accurately projected to the Australian 14+ population across the broadest range of demographic variables and geographic locations.

Once recruited, emma respondents complete the survey online on a device agnostic platform. emma respondents are recruited and complete the survey 7 days a week giving the most accurate data available on Monday to Friday and Weekend readership of news media.

  1. Surveys seven days a week deliver more accurate respondent recall
  2. Shorter surveys minimise fatigue, rushed completion and dropouts
  3. Hard-to-reach target markets are captured: young, educated, upmarket, apartment blocks and regional areas
  4. More visual stimuli assists more accurate recall
  5. Choice of when, where and how they complete results in greater commitment and more engaged contribution
  6. emma is independently audited
emma: details
Sample 40,000 per annum
Data release Monthly database and reports
Recruitment 100% CATI – computer aided telephone interview on both fixed line and mobile
Interview frequency 7 days per week
Methodology Survey online on a smart phone, tablet or computer
Print readership National Newspapers
Metropolitan Newspapers
Regional Newspapers
Community Newspapers
Newspaper Inserted Magazines (NIMs)
Branded Newspaper Sections
Cross platform readership Nielsen Digital Ratings Monthly (DRM)
Mobile smart phone
Mobile tablet
Other Media usage TV, Radio, Cinema, Outdoor, Internet
Media engagement Media Consumption, Media Most Useful
Print engagement Source, Loyalty, Motivation, Connection, Action
Demographics All key demographic and socio-economic measuresMOSAIC geo-demographic segmentation

geoTribes and geoSmart geo-demographic segmentation

Consumer segmentation Personality, Beliefs, Lifestyle, Activities, Media
Category and brand U&A Automotive, Finance, FMCG, Food & Beverages, Pharma, Retail, Telecomms, Travel, plus 43 sub-categories of product data.
Data delivery Desktop software, cloud based data
Operating system PC Windows/Office. Full details in installation guide

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