Drink Up! – Australians are drinking less but better

DRINK UP! The emma alcohol report Distilling Australians’ tastes, consumption and attitudes towards alcohol.

The road well travelled! emma travel report

The emma travel report, The road well travelled, draws on emma™ data to explore the preferences and behaviours of Australian adults towards holidaying.

Facetime! – emma cosmetics and toiletries report

The emma Cosmetics and Toiletries Insights Report, FaceTime!, explores this fragmenting market, the attitudes of Australian women towards beauty and grooming products, and the sources they trust to discover and make their brand choices.

Play On! – emma football report

With the rise of the omnivore footy fan, advertisers and marketers can now tap into a field of seekers and spenders all year round through various media channels.

Hit The Road – emma auto report

Increasing choice and affordability have seen distinct consumer attitudes and purchasing patterns emerge

Plate Up! – emma Food Report

Australians have a passion for food and are seeking more authentic, conscientious and shareable food experiences