This area of the emma website provides resources for publishers seeking to either have publications measured by emma, or withdrawn from measurement.

emma measures a selection of publications of the following types:

  1. Newspapers (National, Metropolitan, Regional and Community)
  2. Magazines
  3. Newspaper inserted magazines

Titles are measured across one or more of the following platforms:

  1. Print
  2. Website
  3. App
  4. PDF

The Readership Works has the sole right to determine the list of publications measured by emma.  Titles may be included or removed in response to applications from publishers or at the instigation of The Readership Works.

Publications measured on the survey are not reported automatically but must meet defined standards.  These are available here.

Seeking measurement

Emma considers applications for measurement of new titles from publishers that are not existing emma subscribers on a quarterly basis, according to the following calendar:

Fieldwork period Deadline for application
Q1 (January-March) 31st October
Q2 (April-June) 31st January
Q3 (July-September) 30th April
Q4 (October-December) 31st July

Applications for measurement are covered in more detail here.

Seeking cessation of measurement

Publishers may request that they wish to withdraw a title from measurement at any time.

Except in the case of closure, six months’ notice of withdrawal from measurement must be given.  An explanation is also required as to why cessation of measurement is being sought.

Applications for withdrawal from measurement are covered in more detail here.