A publisher seeking to have a title withdrawn from measurement by emma should complete an application form, which can be accessed here.  Applications will be considered by The Readership Works and a response communicated in writing to the publisher.

The information on this page is provided as guidance.  Should further information be desired, publishers may contact The Readership Works via info@emma.com.au.

Publishers may request that they wish to withdraw a title from measurement at any time.

Except in the case of closure, six months’ notice of withdrawal from measurement must be given.

An explanation is also required as to why cessation of measurement is being sought.

The Readership Works has the sole right to determine the list of publications measured by emma.

The Readership Works may therefore, at its own discretion, remove a title from measurement by emma without having received an application from the publisher.  It may also, at its own discretion, elect to continue measuring a title despite having received a publisher request to withdraw it from measurement.