emma helps advertisers to gain rich understanding of their customers, their media usage and the competitive landscape.

emma provides a large representative sample of Australians, with in-depth data relating to product usage, attitudes, behaviour and lifestyle, including a rich, contemporary consumer segmentation  Data is provided for 8 categories and for 43 product sub-categories.

emma identifies the newspapers (including branded sections and newspaper inserted magazines) and magazines that best reach target audiences and optimises campaign reach and frequency. emma provides the total combined reach across print and digital platforms for newspaper and magazine readers as well as the incremental reach of each medium.

When agencies are planning media on behalf of advertisers they are able to select the titles that offer the most market potential for that particular product.

Advertisers can subscribe to product data for their own needs without the need to do large scale proprietary research. Contact us for more information on emma subscriptions at sales@emma.com.au.