Respondents are recruited via telephone using Random Digit Dialling (RDD) on both fixed line and mobile and then go on to complete the emma survey online.

The emma approach of recruitment via telephone ensures a more accurate population representation than either door to door recruitment or use of pre-existing survey panels both of which have inherent bias in the sample base.

Monthly sample quotas and weighting of data according to government Audit Bureau Statistics (ABS) population data allows the survey results to be accurately projected to the Australian 14+ population across the broadest range of demographic variables and geographic locations.

Once recruited, emma respondents complete the survey online on a device agnostic platform. emma respondents are recruited and complete the survey 7 days a week giving the most accurate data available on Monday to Friday and Weekend readership of news media.

Online survey completion also permits the respondent to be presented with visuals of newspaper mastheads and the most recent three covers of magazines and newspaper inserted magazines. This inclusion ensures more accurate recall of readership.