Engagement refers to the relationship of the reader with the publication. In the case of print, this has long been recognised and acknowledged as being a powerful attribute of the medium.

The emma Engagement metric answers the What, When, Why and How of readership. It provides a unique and qualified 4 dimensional view of print media consumption and charts the relationship readers have with their preferred titles. It is the largest and most comprehensive study of print engagement ever undertaken in Australia.

The emma Engagement metric enables advertisers and media agencies to better understand the strengths of 189 publications across five key variables. It uses a new ‘Engagement Quotient’ (EQ) to demonstrate how engaged readers are with print publications. The EQ is a numerical representation of the strengths of each publication regardless of its audience size.

The full spectrum of the reader experience is measured across five “axes of engagement” – from how the copy was obtained, the degree of loyalty towards it, the motivation for reading, the connection of the reader to the content and the outcomes of reading it.

 source_small Source How did you obtain the last copy you read?
 loyalty_small Loyalty How often do you read the title?
 motivation_small Motivation Why did you read the title?
 connection_small Connection How/Why is the title relevant to you?
 action_small Action What actions were taken?

From project design to implementation the Engagement research has employed an innovative and rigorous methodology. The research questionnaire was designed following extensive qualitative and quantitative pilot testing. More than 20,000 Australians aged 14+ were interviewed about their engagement with the titles they read, as a part of the emma survey. The emma sample is selected in line with a detailed and fully audited national sampling frame to ensure that all sections of the English speaking population are represented. The Engagement metric covers 189 magazine, newspaper and newspaper inserted magazine titles.

How can I access the data?

Subscribers can access the Engagement metric via an online reporting tool which can be accessed independently, or via a button in the DataFriend software. If you are not a subscriber yet, please contact sales@emma.com.au.

How do I find out more?

To find out more about the emma Engagement Metric or if you missed out on attending an Introduction to Emma Engagement Webinar and would like to schedule one specifically for your team please contact support@emma.com.au .

To access the online reporting tool click here:

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