This segment represents the ‘solid’ Australian upper middle/ middle class family, conservative in both their values and consumption habits. They are highly motivated, conscientious and open but their innate conservatism means they have a propensity to be more internally focused, on themselves and their own ‘world,’ than other segments with a similar demographic profile.

Stability and home are the focus for this group and when it comes to their personal finances, excessive debt and risk are avoided. Health and wellbeing are also important, as is keeping up with technology.

“None of us live extravagant lifestyles but we all know people who are in debt up to the eyeballs, spend like crazy and are always driving the latest Mercedes. We don’t do that, we approach our finances sensibly. We’re pretty relaxed about the economy. We could accommodate a few interest rate rises, wouldn’t affect us.”

(Affluent Urbanites by The Mind & Mood Report)