Success and career achievement are the top priority for members of this segment, who are very likely to be the highest earners and the most educated of all the segments. Mostly urban and without children living at home, this segment skews strongly towards midlife females, ‘alpha’ types with a high proportion of top earning women.

They are financially prudent and relatively more likely to own their own home. Not surprisingly, they are highly motivated, highly conscientious and very open, driven by a sense of curiosity about the world.

Natural extroverts and thought leaders, they are above average readers of newspaper sections, as well as magazines across women’s and lifestyle, food & entertaining categories, plus business/finance titles. And of all the segments, they are highly likely to be readers of books.

Socialising outside of the home and engaging with the arts and culture are priorities for this group, whose members are very likely to go to the theatre or an art exhibition and eat out at licensed restaurants. They also go to the cinema and eat out at cafes more often than the average and are relatively big drinkers of white wine and champagne.

“Self worth is measured by how much money you bring into the house. But it’s not all about that, my mind needs to be stimulated. I need to be constantly learning.”

(The Working Mother by The Mind & Mood Report)