‘Life’s tough’ is the mantra for members of this segment made up of lower middle class /low income families and singles, who feel that life has handed them a raw deal. They are typically the lowest (midlife) earners and highly stressed and pessimistic, not only about their own lives and finances but about the state of the national economy. Many can be found employed in the building/construction sector and trades.

They are downtrodden and downhearted. Dissatisfaction captures the mindset of this group, who are typically closed minded, neurotic, internally focused and unmotivated. Not surprisingly, they are unsupportive of new migrants, and health and wellbeing are not priorities for them. New technology is also not as important, with this group having relatively low engagement with social media and low penetration of smartphones.

“I get paid $750 a week and after I pay rent, buy food and petrol and keep a bit aside for a bill I know’s coming, there’s nothing left. I can’t even afford to go out for a beer with my mates.”

(Mind & Mood April by The Mind & Mood Report)