Here we likely to find middle/upper middle class city metro families that place great value on social mobility, status and lifestyle. While the males in this group feature prominently among the top earners of all the segments, they are always reaching for more, aspiring to even greater social status and success. Women too in this group are relatively high earners.

Private schooling is a priority for members of this group, as is health and wellbeing and new technology, with relatively high penetrations of smartphones and tablets.

Members of this group are highly motivated and open, but more internally focused and less curious than other segments with a similar demographic profile (such as Conscientious Consumption). They are also slightly more pessimistic than average about their own financial future, though this could be because of over-commitment to high mortgages and high discretionary ‘lifestyle’ spending.

They are above average readers of women’s magazines, food & entertaining, home & garden and weekly magazines.

“Private schools have better facilities … extension classes, music classes. At a private school there is discipline. You aren’t going to be surrounded by kids who are yelling and screaming … you aren’t going to be surrounded by bogans.”

(Mind & Mood April by The Mind & Mood Report)