Here we are likely to find the country’s young affluent urbanites, skewed towards young males, who place utmost importance on success and lifestyle. Amongst the top earners and highly educated of the segments, these younger, high achievers are hyper-engaged with technology and social media, sharing their opinions freely to anyone who’ll listen both online and offline.

Extroverted, highly motivated, open and curious, members of this group are strong readers of all sections of newspapers and above average readers of books and weekly magazines.

The tendency to be opinionated and self-absorbed, however, leads members of this group to be internally focused, concerned mostly with their own ‘world’ as opposed to the world at large.

Socialising outside of the home and engaging in arts/culture are big priorities for members of this group, who are more likely to go to the theatre or attend an art exhibition than most of the other segments. They are very much more likely to eat out at licensed restaurants, cafes and pubs. Closely aligned to Educated Ambition, they are also big coffee drinkers.

“I’m on my smartphone continually. All the time, checking messages and checking work emails, Facebook, all my calendars are synched, I love having everything in the one place. I do everything on the run, a quick text.”

(Digital Communities by the Mind & Mood Report)