This segment is likely to be made up of the female, empty-nester, with a significant proportion aged over age 45. Many in this group are still in the workforce and likely to be employed as professional ‘carers’ and ‘nurturers’ in the health, education/training and social services sectors. Mostly with lower incomes, members of the group are financially conservative, finding stability in high levels of home ownership.

This group has lower engagement with new technology, preferring traditional print media with relatively high readership levels of home & garden and general interest magazines. They are also strong readers of all sections of newspapers.

Highly conscientious, conservative and introverted, this segment is very much externally focused and altruistic, concerned with community and caring for others both professionally and personally.

“Community is important to me. When you volunteer it’s not all about giving. There is a buzz and sense of purpose. You get something back too.”

(Our Community, by The Mind & Mood Report)