Here we are likely to find our typical retirees living in regional Australia. Predictably, they will probably own their home outright and have a lower engagement with new technology.

Of those who are employed, many of the males will be working ‘outdoors’ or on the ‘land,’ perhaps in forestry, agriculture or fishing, while females are often employed in community and social services.

Health and wellbeing are, both for themselves personally and in general, important priorities for this group. They are introverted, conservative and not particularly motivated, generally content with life in or nearing retirement, away from it all in regional and rural Australia.

They are above average readers of books, as well as sections of newspapers. They are also big on home renovating.

“Peace of mind is massively important in your retirement. At this stage of my life, it’s not about having to keep up with anybody or impress anybody. Everybody seems to be the same now. You just enjoy life.”

(Just Retired by The Mind & Mood Report)