Here we typically have our young city metro dweller, most likely to be aged under 30. With high levels of education and high engagement with technology and social media, this group sits somewhere in the middle of Social Creatives’ flashy hyper-social, status-driven young urbanites and Modest Life’s young, contented and unmotivated regional dwellers.

Members of this largely urban group are more introverted, stable but socially aware and believe in the strong role of government when it comes to social issues. They are strategic, conservative and even frugal with their spending and don’t place as much importance as some of the other segments on keeping up with the latest gadgets, indicating a distaste for conspicuous consumption.

They are above average readers of motoring/motorbike and computing/tech magazines and also relatively more likely to go to the cinema.

“I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. Sometimes I want to leave it but at the same time it’s great. I use it as a chat function mainly, it’s always running in the background on my computer but I never stalk people or go through photos. I just have it open so I can chat to my friends.”

(Digital Communities by The Mind & Mood Report)