Regional and Community Innovations

Regional & Communities Innovation

There are more than 150 local and community newspapers in Australia with audited circulations of 5,000 or less. When measuring readership it is apparent that there are not  sufficiently large samples to report on for some regional and community titles.

The emma metric provides credible and reliable readership and product data estimates for approximately 500 regional, community and rural/agricultural newspaper titles that are currently under-represented in the main readership survey.

The emma approach is designed to accommodate and alleviate small sample sizes for small circulation titles by projecting readership figures for the classes of titles that have been unrepresented.  The model predicts readership on the basis of circulation data and demographic information for the paper’s coverage area which is validated by comparing these estimated with findings from surveys in many of the regions.

What this means in practice is that emma produces readership and product data for smaller titles that do not get a sample large enough on the national survey (circ < 15,000).


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