Time for a New Metric and Audience Insights

Why Australia needs a new Audience Insights Survey

In the 1970s Australia was a leader in readership measurement. However, in the past 30 years (apart from including product data), the data collection process for readership in Australia has remained largely the same.

In this time there have been significant changes and advancements in technology and behaviour. Research techniques have also evolved. There are better ways to collect and deliver information.

Advertisers and agencies want data that provides a more accurate view of readership and consumer relationships with products and services. The Australian market was concerned about the current methodology.

Their concerns included:

  • Weakness in current data collection methodology
  • Lack of transparency
  • Lack of confidence in accuracy of the data
  • A desire for deeper richer data on print
  • A need to measure more than just print

Weaknesses in data collection methodology included difficulty reaching people living in apartment blocks, or outside of major regional centres, resulting in significant gaps in understanding the media habits of inner city residents, and people in regional and community areas.  In the 21st century people do not want to spend hours filling in long surveys. And the print media are no longer just publishing print.

The new metric collects data using global best-practice research techniques which deliver significant benefits for both the respondents, and the users.