The new standard in Media Planning


Enhancements to emma’s Media Planning Tool improves reporting, enables detailed analysis of magazine readership distribution over time

The new standard in Media Planning    

emma™ (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia), Australia’s cross-platform audience insights survey, today announces its enhanced Media Planning Tool. For the first time in Australia, planners can identify the impact of magazine readership by day and week, similar to electronic and digital media, thereby allowing a more accurate interpretation of impact in econometric modelling.

The new enhanced Media Planning Tool will allow users to see the distribution of magazine readership from an ad insertion over subsequent days and weeks for the complete readership life of the magazine.

For the first time, it will enable the correlation of magazine readership over time with other elements of the media plan, (such as TV or digital), or alongside key metrics such as sales data.

This in turn can facilitate comparisons with sales and other key marketing metrics to enable the impact of magazine advertising to be better understood, planned and booked.

Research conducted by the Magazine Publishers of Australia (MPA) shows that a large proportion of magazine readership occurs outside the publication period, reflecting the findings of similar overseas studies.

Readership data from the emma™ survey, which tracks issue specific magazine reading across 12 weeks for monthly magazines and across 4 weeks for weekly magazines, confirms the MPA findings and provides up to date, title by title information on the longitudinal nature of magazine reading.

The emma team is pleased to announce that the next release of the DataFriend analysis software in late May to early June will feature the enhanced Media Planning Tool for more effective planning of magazine advertising.

Previous planning module in DataFriend (based on 1 magazine insertion only)


New Planning Module in DataFriend (showing 1 magazine insertion)


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