Australia’s new cross platform audience insights survey emma™ (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) today announced a further enhancement with the integration of RDA Research’s unique customer targeting segmentation tools into the emma database.

Now emma users can cross reference local area population descriptions with media consumption, product ownership and usage, as well as lifestyle interests and attitudes. This link between local area marketing and media planning and profiling is particularly useful for categories such as quick service restaurants, retail, banking, entertainment, travel, insurance and telecommunications.

geoTribes is an advanced geo-demographic system that classifies individuals, rather than households, which enables deeper analysis and more sophisticated media planning. geoSmart is a similar geo-demographic segmentation system built on the fact that people with similar demographic profiles and lifestyles tend to live near each other.

Using Census data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, this geo-demographic database is a critical research tool for all marketers providing an in-depth understanding of how the population is structured down to levels even more granular than the suburbs (called SA1 areas).

The RDA Research segmentation tools, geoTribes and geoSmart, are now fully integrated into the emma software, while emma data is also integrated into RDA’s own suite of tools.

An example of the richness of this combined database (below) shows the valuable marketing insights that can be taken from cross referencing the example of dining out preferences from emma™ with geo-demographic information from geoTribes.

“The integration of RDA Research’s sophisticated customer targeting segmentation tools provides emma subscribers with an even more advanced level of customer intelligence to inform their media planning, market research and consumer profiling needs,” Ipsos Media CT Managing Director Simon Wake said.

“It’s one of a number of new tools for emma and part of our roadmap of continuous innovation for the market.”

RDA Research Technical Director Robert Dommett said: “Our geoTribes segments are unique as they classify individuals with geo-demographic information, allowing analysis based on individual variables such as lifecycle stage and socioeconomic status.”