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Andrew Green

Andrew Green is Global Chief Marketing Officer for Ipsos MediaCT. In his 31-year career he has worked in six countries across three continents, heading up media research functions at media agencies ZenithOptimedia, Carat and OMD; he has also held senior roles in market research agencies Nielsen and Ipsos.

He has written or contributed to two books on broadcasting in Asia (Television in Contemporary Asia (Sage, 2000) and From Mao to the Millennium: Chinese Broadcasting in Transition (BMRB, 2001)). He has also more recently published From Primetime to My Time: Audience Measurement in the Digital Age (WARC, 2010).

Andrew has been a member of the programme committee for the Worldwide Readership Symposium and Print & Digital Research Forum since 1993.

Simon Wake
Kirsten Riolo

Kirsten Riolo is the Client Services Director of Ipsos MediaCT in Australia. She has more than 15 years of experience working in media measurement including Roy Morgan Research, Fairfax Media, News Limited and Foxtel. Kirsten is a QPMR practitioner and a member of AMSRS, with qualitative and quantitative experience across brand, service and product tracking projects, product development, media creative evaluation (print, radio and television) as well as print audience measurement.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree from The Australian National University and a Masters of Management from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management in Sydney.

Mike Welling
Mario Paic

Mario has over 10 years’ experience working on market and audience measurement for Ipsos in the South-East Europe region where we’re the leading provider of market and media measurement services. His work was focused on developing and running large scale, high specification syndicated media research projects across the region that involved establishing several print, web and radio currencies, advertising expenditure monitoring projects and single-source product surveys. He joined Ipsos MediaCT team in Australia in 2011 to work on The Readership Works project, new cross-media audience metric for the Australian market. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Zagreb, Croatia.

Aaron Morris

Aaron has been involved in all facets of the data collection process at I-view over the last ten years, since beginning as a CATI interviewer in 2001. Since then he has held various roles including: CATI supervisor, Project Manager, Victorian State Manager and Client Services Director. During this time, he has built a wealth of knowledge and experience through his involvement in a diverse range of CATI, face to face, central location and online data collection projects. One of those projects involved the setup and running of the Auckland and Christchurch Household Travel Surveys.

Aaron’s most recent progression within I-view was to take on his current role as Operations Director – Media Research.



Global team

Richard Silman – CEO, Ipsos MediaCT
John Carroll – Senior Director, Ipsos MediaCT UK
Bruno Schmutz – Managing Director, MediaCT France
Dr Trevor Sharot – Senior Statistician, MediaCT globally



Ipsos is the third largest market research company in the world. It is the only company in the top five still owned and managed by market research professionals and independent of any advertising or media interests. Nine thousand staff operate in eighty-four countries, working with a large number of the world’s leading brands. In Australia, Ipsos is a member of AMRSO, and more than 75 staff are AMSRS members (11 of them QPMR accredited).

Ipsos has a unique business structure, comprising six specialised divisions:

  1. Ipsos MediaCT – The Media, Content and Technology Research Specialists
  2. Ipsos Public Affairs – The Social Research and Corporate Reputation Specialists
  3. Ipsos Loyalty – The Customer and Employee Research Specialists
  4. Ipsos ASI – The Advertising Research Specialists
  5. Ipsos Marketing – The Innovation and Brand Research Specialists
  6. Ipsos Operations – The Data Collection and Delivery Specialists

Ipsos MediaCT conducts readership surveys in 85 countries, including the main industry readership measurement in 41 countries. In addition, we operate more Joint Industry Committee (JIC)-style surveys than any other company – 9 of the 27 readership JICs worldwide. Ipsos collects product and service usage information via BRANDPuls in 9 countries.

Ipsos MediaCT has pioneered a number of innovative readership measurement approaches globally, including the first use of both CAPI and Double Screen-CAPI in readership surveys, the Extended Media List approach and CATI recruitment to on-line readership measurement. As well, they have built a ‘constrained fusion’ approach to integrate on-line and off-line reading data, tested a large number of ‘Quality of Reading’ approaches and piloted and executed a method for measuring newspaper section readership. Ipsos are seen as leaders in the art and science of measuring readership. Of around 750 papers delivered at the fourteen Worldwide Readership Symposia held since 1981, Ipsos has authored 73.

In Australia Ipsos MediaCT, together with I-view, was awarded the opportunity to build and supply TRW’s new readership metric following a rigorous tender process in 2010.

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