Cross platform

Emma is unique in that it combines print audience currency with digital audience currency to deliver total audience measurement for news media mastheads. Accurate cross-platform readership estimates are created by fusing IAB accredited digital audience data (Nielsen’s Digital Ratings Monthly –DRM). Agencies, publishers and advertisers can access reliable information about consumer interaction with their titles across all publishing platforms both

Independently audited

emma has been independently audited by media research specialist auditor Dr Rob Hall from Environmetrics. Dr Hall was commissioned to conduct the audit, specifically to review the design and implementation of the emma methodology being developed by Ipsos MediaCT on behalf of The Readership Works. Dr Hall has taught social and market research methods at Macquarie University, The University of

Transparent and independent

We want you to trust what we do. So we make sure transparency is an integral part of emma. emma is powered by global research company Ipsos, which conducts national readership currency surveys in over 40 countries including the United Kingdom, France and Italy. The Media Federation of Australia, as part of the technical committee, has supported and overseen the