CATI Data Collection

Information being collected for emma Readership of Australian newspaper and magazines Product information Demographic information Activities and Interests Media consumption habits are undergoing significant, continuing change. Publishers, advertisers and media buyers need new tools which capture the true nature of consumers and their involvement with media. The emma approach of recruitment via telephone ensures a more accurate population representation than

Sectional Data and Newspaper Inserted Magazines

Due to the specificity of the survey, emma is able to provide information specific to not only the read masthead (SMH/Daily Telegraph etc) but the ‘sections’ and Newspaper Inserted Magazines (NIM’s) within the overall newspaper. This allows for more targeted advertising

Readership modelling

There are around 100 local and community newspapers in Australia with audited circulations of 5,000 or less – plus a significant though unquantifiable number of unaudited titles. The challenge of measuring such titles in limited geographies within a single survey comes down to sample size. The same issue was tackled in the UK as long ago as 1990, when regional


The emma process creates a rich dataset by fusing its data with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB Australia) – endorsed online audience ratings to provide an accurate and comprehensive view of the entire market. The two independently audited audience measurement systems combine data, delivering greater accuracy for emma subscribers by showing how audiences engage with newspapers and magazines across content

Innovative methods

Respondents are recruited via telephone using Random Digit Dialling (RDD) on both fixed line and mobile and then go on to complete the emma survey online. The emma approach of recruitment via telephone ensures a more accurate population representation than either door to door recruitment or use of pre-existing survey panels both of which have inherent bias in the sample

Product data

In order to learn more about consumer behaviour for particular categories and brands, the same people who completed the main survey are asked if they would be prepared to fill in a follow-up survey about their usage of products and services. Respondents give emma detailed information about their usage and attitudes for Retail, Travel, Automotive, Finance, Food & Bevs inc

Connect with brands

Respondents give emma detailed information about their usage and attitudes towards over 40 product and business segments, right down to brand level. The emma software uses innovative tools to bring this brand level data to life through a rich and contemporary consumer segmentation and accurate competitive analysis. With emma you can create more effective brand and media strategies without the


emma incorporates two industry standard consumer segmentations: geoTribes from RDA Research and Mosaic from Experian.  All media and consumer data in emma can be profiled against these segment types ensuring compatibility with client specified audience segments and integration with digital and programmatic media environments. Meet the geoTribes Australia (Click the image below) For more information email   Scope10 The Scope10

Regional and community

Community and small regional titles are measured by a combination of survey and statistical modelling, making emma the most comprehensive source of Australian print readership and the only readership source for many smaller titles. Ipsos has built a bespoke model  based on a combination of survey results, ABS data on the population characteristics of each area, the types of newspapers

Cross platform

Emma is unique in that it combines print audience currency with digital audience currency to deliver total audience measurement for news media mastheads. Accurate cross-platform readership estimates are created by fusing IAB accredited digital audience data (Nielsen’s Digital Ratings Monthly –DRM). Agencies, publishers and advertisers can access reliable information about consumer interaction with their titles across all publishing platforms both