CATI Data Collection

Information being collected for emma Readership of Australian newspaper and magazines Product information Demographic information Activities and Interests Media consumption habits are undergoing significant, continuing change. Publishers, advertisers and media buyers need new tools which capture the true nature of consumers and their involvement with media. The emma approach of recruitment via telephone ensures a more accurate population representation than


emma incorporates two industry standard consumer segmentations: geoTribes from RDA Research and Mosaic from Experian.  All media and consumer data in emma can be profiled against these segment types ensuring compatibility with client specified audience segments and integration with digital and programmatic media environments. Meet the geoTribes Australia (Click the image below) For more information email   Scope10 The Scope10

Regional and community

Community and small regional titles are measured by a combination of survey and statistical modelling, making emma the most comprehensive source of Australian print readership and the only readership source for many smaller titles. Ipsos has built a bespoke model  based on a combination of survey results, ABS data on the population characteristics of each area, the types of newspapers

Cross platform

Emma is unique in that it combines print audience currency with digital audience currency to deliver total audience measurement for news media mastheads. Accurate cross-platform readership estimates are created by fusing IAB accredited digital audience data (Nielsen’s Digital Ratings Monthly –DRM). Agencies, publishers and advertisers can access reliable information about consumer interaction with their titles across all publishing platforms both

Keeping pace with change

As readership behaviour and the media landscape evolve, the nature of our methodology and software allows us to develop new tools and merge emma data with other syndicated and proprietary surveys. And you can be confident in the future. Innovations and new services will continue to be overseen by the Media Federation of Australia, as part of the TRW Technical

Sample recruitment

You can be confident emma delivers a truly representative sample, including hard to reach demographics. Recruitment techniques used are designed to provide the breadth and depth of the samples required. The recruiting process uses one approach to recruit respondents: CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing). This process ensures that emma reaches a broader sample of people and the questions being asked (with

Data collection

People nowadays are less willing than they once were to spend hours filling in surveys. emma recognises the need for change and uses technology to help reach more people and provide flexible completion methods to suit people with different lifestyles. Surveys done seven days a week also deliver more accurate respondent recall. emma uses one approach to recruit respondents: 100% CATI


The methodology emma is based on ensures emma is a truly comprehensive and accurate audience insights survey. Respondents engage with emma every day of the week, which results in more accurate recall of how, when and where they have read print and digital media. Surveys are conducted throughout the year, across all age groups via online. Monthly sample quotas and

Better, deeper insights

Readership measures Average issue readership for newspapers Average day of week readership for newspapers Average issue readership for magazines Reach and frequency data Cross-platform audience for major newspapers and magazines Newspaper inserted magazines (NIMs) Newspaper branded sectional readership emma is Australia’s cross-platform audience insights metric built for the digital age, and is a truly comprehensive and accurate audience insights survey. Respondents