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In order to learn more about consumer behaviour for particular categories and brands, the same people who completed the main survey are asked if they would be prepared to fill in a follow-up survey about their usage of products and services. Respondents give emma detailed information about their usage and attitudes for Retail, Travel, Automotive, Finance, Food & Bevs inc

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Respondents give emma detailed information about their usage and attitudes towards over 40 product and business segments, right down to brand level. The emma software uses innovative tools to bring this brand level data to life through a rich and contemporary consumer segmentation and accurate competitive analysis. With emma you can create more effective brand and media strategies without the


emma features a number of innovations in the Australian market:- A more in-depth database of all newspaper and magazine formats capturing data across across print, website, mobile and tablet. Emma is unique in that it combines print audience currency with digital audience currency to deliver total audience measurement for news media mastheads. Accurate cross-platform readership estimates are created by fusing


emma helps advertisers to gain rich understanding of their customers, their media usage and the competitive landscape. emma provides a large representative sample of Australians, with in-depth data relating to product usage, attitudes, behaviour and lifestyle, including a rich, contemporary consumer segmentation  Data is provided for 8 categories and for 43 product sub-categories. emma identifies the newspapers (including branded sections


emma is a sophisticated audience and product data source providing media companies opportunities to enrich their advertising and business decision making with more in-depth insights into the marketplace.  emma will assist users in optimising print media investments and help effectively measure their returns. Media agencies can utilise emma data as part of their consumer profiling in strategy and channel planning at

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Product data

Both category and brand level data is collected in the emma survey for ten main categories: Beauty products, personal care and pharmaceuticals Food and beverages Telecommunications (landline, ISP, mobile) Motor vehicles Travel Real estate Pets Retail Finance (banking, superannuation, credit cards, insurance) Appliances The data collected on products includes usage levels, frequency of usage or purchase, amount spent, intention to