Sample recruitment

You can be confident emma delivers a truly representative sample, including hard to reach demographics. Recruitment techniques used are designed to provide the breadth and depth of the samples required. The recruiting process uses one approach to recruit respondents: CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing). This process ensures that emma reaches a broader sample of people and the questions being asked (with

Data collection

People nowadays are less willing than they once were to spend hours filling in surveys. emma recognises the need for change and uses technology to help reach more people and provide flexible completion methods to suit people with different lifestyles. Surveys done seven days a week also deliver more accurate respondent recall. emma uses one approach to recruit respondents: 100% CATI


The methodology emma is based on ensures emma is a truly comprehensive and accurate audience insights survey. Respondents engage with emma every day of the week, which results in more accurate recall of how, when and where they have read print and digital media. Surveys are conducted throughout the year, across all age groups via online. Monthly sample quotas and

What is emma?

About emma The news media industry accredited readership survey is conducted by Ipsos and called ‘emma’ (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia). Ipsos is a global leader in audience solutions and conducts numerous media surveys across the globe, including the National Readership Survey (NRS) in the UK. Introduced in 2013, emma is designed as a single source media and consumer insights survey